Project Nehemiah


A Community Development Service of Praise Tabernacle Worship Center established in 2003 is an IRS 501(c)3 corporation and is incorporated in the State of California. The vision for Project Nehemiah was that of the late Bishop Eugene Brown who witnessed the devastation caused by the civil riots that initiated at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in April 1992. "The bricks and rocks used to beat that truck driver were the building materials from the church construction," recounts Bishop Eugene Brown and he was determined to see healing and change in the community.

“Building Hope and Dignity in the People –

Building Walls of Strength in the Community”


Mission Statement

To help meet the needs of individuals by providing an environment of programs which cultivates and enriches. To empower the disadvantaged enabling them to obtain hope and dignity which, in return, builds walls of strength for the family and the community.



To build a state of the art technology center, a youth activity center, provide child care facilities, to teach economic literacy, and provide senior services. To remove the stigma of the intersection of “Florence and Normandie” and bring recognition as a ground of peace, healing, hope, prosperity, and excellence.